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Acupuncture is a holistic tradition dating back to ancient China, based on the idea that there is an energy flow or “qi” through the body that travels along certain paths or “meridians”. Though not based on scientific method, acupuncture is used to treat various medical conditions, as well as being used therapeutically. The process involves inserting very thin needles of varying lengths into the meridians in order to treat illnesses and ailments situated elsewhere in the human body.

Healthy pregnant women who wish to pursue acupuncture will find that it is beneficial for both mother and unborn child to undergo this treatment. The acupuncture process aims to stimulate transmission of toxins between mother and child, improving the health of both of them. It also strengthens the mother’s “qi” or energy flow. Acupuncture for healthy mothers should be carried out once a month until the last month of pregnancy, when it should be done once a week until labor occurs.

Pregnant women can experience a variety of physical ailments, many of which they cannot take medication for without harming the child. Acupuncture treatment, however, allows women to undergo treatment without any risk of harming their unborn child. Women who experience back pain and sciatica have found that acupuncture soothes the pain without medication. Women experiencing fatigue have turned to acupuncture to remove blockages in the flow of their qi. Imbalances in the qi that cause morning sickness can also be rectified with acupuncture.

After acupuncture has been used throughout the pregnancy, it can also be used to induce labor and also be used during labor. During pregnancy acupuncture, the acupuncturist has purposely avoided certain points on the body, but if a woman is past her due date, can liberally apply all these points to move energy to the pelvis. Women who use acupuncture during delivery have found the labor process to be shorter, less painful and less stressful. It can also strengthen weak contractions.

New mothers are encouraged to continue getting acupuncture treatment following delivery. Acupuncture can restore a mother’s health following pregnancy. Among others, acupuncture can treat fatigue, postpartum vaginal discharge, postpartum depression, mastitis, and insufficient or excessive lactation. It can also help with the postoperative healing for mothers who have had caesarian sections. When a new mother is in the best of health, she can be present for her child. New mothers should take care using Chinese herbs while breastfeeding as they could potentially harm the baby.

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