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A lot of folks in the United States strangely find it hard to believe that alternative medicine exists. I will cease this opportunity to tell you point blank that it not only exists, but it also works. You only need to open your mind up to it.

I hear that the Good Book mentioned that what you believe in is what works for you. I kinda like to think that too, that’s why when someone tells me that they can get cured from a snake bite by biting on a snake themselves, I tend to believe them too. Only I wouldn’t do it just yet.

Cures for diseases are as diverse as there are people, races and cultures in the world. As a matter of fact, even within cultures people believe in and follow various approaches to curing their ailments. We live to think of them as alternative cures, but to the practitioner and his patient, it is healing the way healing should be.

It is not all the time that the best ways you can be healed from a disease are found in an anatomy handbook. Sometimes you need to look to other possible sources of healing. I tell you that if you do that long and diligently enough, you will indeed find that cure. So look.

For a certainty before there were hospitals and clinics, there were ways by which people found healing from ailments. Many actually like to think of medicine today as an improvement on yesterday’s, but in truth it is only derivatives; and many more exist. You may call them alternative cures.

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One Response to “What You Didnt Know About Alternative Medicine”

  • I think it’s true that if you believe something strong enough it can become true. The mind is a very powerful tool, and can literally heal you if you believe it enough. While this may be true, there surely is validity in the existence and success of holistic medicine.

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