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Do you have a constant soreness in your chest area? It may be one of several hiatal hernia symptoms. Hiatal hernia (hiatus hernia) is a condition where the upper part of the stomach pushes through the spot in the diaphragm (called the esophageal hiatus) and in to the cavity of the chest. It is a quite common condition, in fact it is estimated that close to 60 % of all people experience hiatus hernia by the age of fifty.
In spite of how common that is, the real cause of hiatal hernia remains unknown to medical science. In so many cases, causes might include genes, being overweight and even stressful physical activities like weight lifting. Most of these factors can result in the weakening and enlargement of the esophageal hiatus, which then causes the upper area of the stomach to protrude.

This unnatural condition may then lead to further issues. While hiatal hernia symptoms may vary amongst patients, there is always a possibility for the person to suffer from acid reflux, chest pain and regurgitation. In more severe cases, patients could even deal with chronic bleeding and inflammation. In elderly patients, it isn’t unheard of to find that the lower esophagus gets narrowed and damaged, that makes it difficult to swallow. Even more dangerous, the secretion from the stomach can creep up into the lungs, so that it is difficult to breathe. If this kind of problem develops, the patient may suffer from chronic cough and discomforts.
Whenever significant hiatus hernia symptoms such as constant chest pain or breathing problems occur, it’s usually best to seek treatment. Prescribed prescription drugs may be taken to heal hiatus hernia, but really serious cases may need surgery.

Before you think about having surgery or starting doctor prescribed medicines for hiatal hernia symptoms, you must know what the potential risks are and what choices are available. Typically, patients may also be encouraged to avoid consumption of nicotine and caffeine, because they might result in inflammation. Strenuous activities must also be avoided as they may further increase the size of the opening in the esophagus.

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