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Eczema is a merciless and mystifying disease. First of all, what causes the disease is unidentified. There are many guesses, but nothing is clear. Medical institutions and publications even have trouble categorizing eczema. A few use “eczema” to refer to atopic dermatitis, even as others use the term as an umbrella for all kinds of dermatitis and skin disorders. However you categorize this ailment, it is a miserable burden to bear. Eczema sufferers endure burning, cracked, and/or thickened skin, red or brown patches, scales, flaking, and more.

If you think that you are on your own with this state of affairs then you are mistaken. I was beleaguered with eczema from a very early age. In fact I think I was about 5 years old when I first began having breakouts. I had it all over my hands, belly and legs. And the worse part about having eczema was the itching and the burning. Even more devastating is the fact that as I grew older it seems as if the condition only got worse!

During the early years of my life, my mother used to take me to the doctor regularly to get eczema treatments. They would clear up the rashes for a while but for some odd reason the rashes would come back. This not only caused me physical pain but also emotional pain. I got a lot of name calling at kindergarten school and even as I grew older into high school as well.

Because of that, I usually stay away from most social activities that ought to be fun. I was embarrassed of the way my skin looked. Now and then I even try to cover up my hands by wearing long sleeve shirts but that only made it worse. The long sleeves caused a build up of heat which made me sweat more and caused my eczema to irritate me even more.

There are effective natural remedy treatments that will make a difference. Wear cotton clothing and steer clear of wool and fabrics that aggravate the body. Some individuals have very sensitive skin. If you have hand eczema be careful about wearing latex gloves and what you use to wash dishes. Are you allergic to any ingredients in the dish liquid? It isn’t always easy to figure out all that we contact each day that triggers these responses.

Aim applying camphor, sandalwood paste or soothing oils on the eczema rash inflamed areas. If you control the itching, psychologically you feel much better. Applying coconut oil and taking oatmeal baths stop the itching for many people. A sensitive skin cleanser like dove for sensitive skin or cetaphil gentle skin cleanser are good for showering. You could also check your health food store. Bring reading glasses to study the ingredients.

Don’t presuppose you have no food allergies. Even if you’ve succesfully eaten eggs, dairy and wheat products for years, it doesn’t mean you will’t become allergic to them. Try for a week to use rice milk instead of milk and see if that helps. Vanilla rice milk tastes great in cereal so kids will have that. I found that serving the original plain version did not work! An eczema home treatment like omega 3 capsules may not be something a kid will take, but the vanilla rice milk is delicious. If your child has severe eczema, aim to find small pills of probiotics and add a little coconut oil to foods to help the immune system.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Eczema
Ways To Get Rid Of Eczema

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