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If you have recently been diagnosed with having a fibroid you may be confused as to what type of uterine fibroids treatment method you should take. With the invention of many new medical procedures and prescription drugs it can be daunting. Your doctor may advise a certain method such as surgery or give you drugs that may prevent your monthly period from occurring. The action you take can depend upon the size of the fibroid, your current age, whether you want to have more children, and if you are near menopause.

The latest new procedure for those with a fibroid tumor is uterine embolization. This practice calls for blocking the blood from the tumor so that it dies off. This is normally used on women that have tumors which are small in size. This will cause pain from the dying of tissue and blood vessels. Toxins will be created which the body will absorb or eliminate from the system.

Laser surgery is not just for face lifts. It is a safer method for patients that want to reduce the amount of time spent in the hospital. It can be an outpatient procedure that one can recuperate at home. It is more precise than the hand of a surgeon and does not create a large scar. The tumors are expelled from the vagina.

Medical drugs also have a place in fibroid treatment and removal. They can be used as a precursor to surgery to help shrink them. Or they can be the preferred method for women that are near menopause and do not want surgery. This can help to reduce the size and symptoms until their own body stops producing estrogen which will allow them to reduce naturally.

If one wants to remove or cut off the part of the uterus which has an abnormal growth they would consider a myomectomy. This is for women that have large tumors or multiple growths that cannot be removed normally. There is often a longer time to heal after surgery, but it provides an option to get pregnant at a later date.

A hysterectomy is one of the final options that women have. It is major surgery that removes the entire uterus from the female body. This may also include removal of one or both ovaries. If both ovaries are removed this can place a women immediately in menopause as the ovaries help provide the body with estrogen and progesterone. Unfortunately, after getting this procedure it takes away any chances that a woman will have for getting pregnant.

Many women decide to choose natural remedies for fibroids to ease the symptoms of fibroid tumors and eventually shrink and get rid of them. Some may work, while others may only ease the symptoms of a fibroid. Some women feel that the removal of their uterus is an unnecessary procedure which raises the cost of health insurance. They want to try something that is not as harmful and invasive to their body. Some activities will include eliminating harmful ingredients from the foods that they eat or changing their food menus. Exercising to sweat off the additional estrogen hormone. As well as chiropractic care, along with acupressure and acupuncture to eliminate and dissolve fibroid tumors.

There are many uterine fibroids treatment options that women can choose from. All treatments will not work for everyone. However, it is vital to keep current on the latest trends and methods that exist so that you have a choice in what you decide for your body. Doctors can prescribe medication, or preform surgery to remove them, but they can always return. The location, size and age of your body will make some methods preferable over others.

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