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Medicinal herbs can be used in many ways, and thereby also in situations where colder weather presents a cause for various different problems and is related to various diseases. One of the most common problems that occur, is the common cold, that we’ve all most probably already had problems with. However, the mentioned disease can be avoided relatively easily and effectively by using herbal remedies. Even in the cases in which a certain person already has problems related to a cold, there are certain natural remedies which can help one to get rid of it

Black elder, common ivy and marshmallow are known to be effective in preventing and treating cold.

The first of them, black elder is a plant that can be anywhere from three to six meters high, and it can grow in various forms – like a shrub or even like a somewhat lower tree. The bark of this plant usually has light to dark brown color, sometimes it can also be somewhat gray. The bark of black elder is also known to be spilled with numerous wart-shaped formations. Black elder branches are covered with relatively dark-green colored leaves which are mostly placed facing each other. The leaves of black elder are oval shaped, but they get narrow at their tops. Flowers have a very intense and recognisable smell, they are very small, and are usually collected in large and pretty blooms. Black elder is known to have certain properties that make this plant good for strenghtening the immune system, and it is thereby effective in preventing colds, and can even help prevent diseases like to common flu as well. Black elder also promotes effectively perspiration, so it is also a good herbal remedy against fever and similar problems. Because of all of its mentioned medicinal properties, it can often be found in various tea mixtures used against cold and its common symptoms.

The second one, common ivy is a shrub-like plant that often has many stem roots climbing on trees. It is often thought that ivy damages trees (as mistletoe does), but that isn’t quite true. The ivy climbs trees just because there is more light than on the ground. Ivy leaves are evergreen – the younger leaves have a hairy surface, while the older have a smooth surface. On the upper side the leaves are mostly dark green colored, while the bottom sides have a light green color. The flowers can be green or yellow collected in round blossoms. From the flowers, dark blue fruits develop over time (which are poisonous, and should not be used). Common ivy is a very effective herb for healing cold, and problems related to it. It is mostly used in form of syrups, but tea from the leaves of this herb can also be prepared.

The last one, marshmallow is a plant covered with many hair-like tiny needles. The plant itself can grow up to 2 meters high, with a non-branched stem. Leaves are pedicellate, with both sides covered in the already mentioned hair. The leaves are also known to have a non-symmetrically cut edge. At the top of stem, white or pink flowers up to 4-5 cm in diameter are developed. This plant is good for preventing and stopping various kinds of inflammations, including the ones of oral cavity and throat. It is also known to be a good remedy for stopping cough problems. It is also commonly used in tea mixtures that are used for treating cold.

The herbs that we covered in this article are just some of the many medicinal plants that can actually do good when it comes to preventing and treating coonditions like the common cold. These herbs can be used either each on its own, or one could prepare a mixture of several plants, by taking equal amounts of every herb, and mixing them together. This mixture can then be used to make tea which can be taken few times daily, throughout the time in which there is possibly a somewhat higher risk of diseases like the described common cold.

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