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The majority of people suffering from hemorrhoids prefer self-administered hemorrhoid treatment rather than going to the physician. Though this is less embarrassing to the patient, over the counter homorrhiod treatments can only be effective if the treatment corroborate with the seriousness of the condition.

Hemorrhoids are a very painful condition where one of the 2 or both veins that drain blood from the rectum has enlarged.

In any cases of internal or external hemorrhoids the particular veins becomes distend. Internal hemorrhoids aren’t visible unless it becomes inflamed. External hemorrhoids can be felt and seen.

Over-the-counter home care treatments can be used if the hemorrhoids are not inflamed and does not cause severe discomfort. However if positive results aren’t obtained with these treatments it’s imperative to seek medical suggestion. Hemorrhoid creams, suppositories and various sorts of ointments are available that you can buy over the counter in order to attempt to relief the pain and swelling. It is crucial to note that the possibility exists that some these remedies will assist in relieving the pain associated with hemorrhoids but can lengthen the condition.

The discomfort associated with sitting when suffering from hemorrhoids can be alleviated by sitting on a ring cushion. However, it’s strongly suggested to sit as little as possible and specially not on any hard surfaces when suffering from hemorrhoids.

A very useful method to at least improve some of the discomfort is to sit in a tub with fairly hot water for about 15 minutes, 3 times a day and more so after every bowel movement. This aids to reduce the swelling and discomfort caused by the hemorrhoids. After this process, it is vital to dry the skin around the anus properly without rubbing or scratching.

Some simple dietary changes can bear great relief with regards to hemorrhoids. Eating plenty of water, add more fiber to your diet and eating fruit and veggies high in fiber will lessen constipation because of softer stools.

There is a misconception regarding the use of laxatives and treating hemorrhoids. Laxatives are in order to use once in a while. It helps to soften the stool, but when using constantly and the results turn to be a running, watery stool, the risk of inflammation to the anus are very high.

A couple of medical intervened treatments for hemorrhoids exist. One of these treatments is termed sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is the process where a chemical substance is inserted in the hemorrhoidal areas. This technique doesn’t remove hemorrhoids, but reduce the size thereof considerably.

Infrared coagulation can also be used. A particular infrared device is used to burn the hemorrhoids.

Another way of hemorrhoids medical treatment is the application of a rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid. Blood circulation is prevented and the hemorrhoid dies off and will be discarded.

There’re cases that surgical intercession is urgently required by removing the hemorrhoids with surgery. A hemorrhoidectomy is a painful process and surgeons use it in severe cases where other remedial techniques were used without success and no alternative method is available.

Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable condition with lots of pain associated to it. Besides all the home treatment options available the possibility still exist that it may not bring relief to your condition, therefore it’s crucial for sufferers to seek suggestion from their doctor before the condition can develop into a severe agonizing hemorrhoid inflammation.

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