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Due to the alarming spread of H1N1 cases that now totals over 75 H1N1-related deaths in New York State alone, Govener Paterson has declared a state of emergencey in regards The Swine Flu (H1N1). This will help to encorage the aministration of the current vacine to be expanded. Although not currently catergotized as a full blown pandemic it is considered a epidemic.

President Obama’s executive order declaration of H1N1 flu as a national emergency expanded the catigory of profesional health care official that can minister the Vacine to include dentists, emergency medical technicians, pharmacists, podiatrists, and midwives. Under previouse state law, some health care professionals were prohibited from administering the vaccine because of limits on their professional duties. The governor’s order now waives any law that would prevent these people from giving vaccinations alowing health departments to vacinate as many people as possible.

Although this vacine can help prevent the H1N1 (swine) flu, it is dirived from a strain that surfaced and established itself in the spring of 2009 thus this virus may have already or already has mutated and may grow to be emune to the vacine. According to the New York City Department of Health about 800,000 people in New York City alone became infected with the disease during the first wave of the virus last spring,

H1N1 Swine Flu Conspiracy Part One


H1N1 Swine Flu Conspiracy Part One



What steps can you do to prevent you or your familly from this virus? We recommend a daily dosage of either Mirical Mineral Supliment or Colloidal Silver. Also try to purchase a Silver Pulser or Blood Purifier to conduct blood electrification if needed. Simply put. If you follow the Bob Beck Protocol and also take MMS you and your family will have not have to worry about obtaining this virus and if someone you know obtains it you will have the ability to eradicate it.

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15 Responses to “Swine H1N1 Flu Sparks State Of Emergency In NY State”

  • Some people (such as those with immunosuppression like psoriasis)are more at risk of serious illness if they catch swine flu, and will need to start taking antivirals as soon as they are confirmed with the illness. On occasion, doctors may advise some high-risk patients to take antivirals before they have symptoms if someone close to them has swine flu.
    .-= dan @ cures for psoriasis´s last blog ..Treatment For Dermatitis =-.

  • Thanks for your tips but i think NYC was never “infected with Swine flu.” Sure, there were a few cases but statistically not more than anywhere else and it was never something people had to take extraordinary precautions against.

    I wish the media would make more of a point of the fact that between 30,000 and 40,000 people die of regular “seasonal flu” EVERY YEAR in the U.S., instead of blowing an occurrence of a flu variety that happens to have a catchy name out of proportion. Normally healthy adults without underlying health problems have no more reason to worry about swine flu than they do about “just plain flu.”

  • asuasu69:

    What you said is true. But you have to analyze the fact that the H1N1 flu seams to be man made. It has never occurred in the history of modern science that three different viruses combine and mutated into a single virus as the H1N1 has. This virus is a combination of North American avian influenza viruses (bird flu), the human influenza viruse and swine influenza. It has not, as you stated, been as bad as the common flu. But when it does mutate further (and it will) it has the potential to be the worst flu know to mankind.

    There already is a TB strain that is totally resilient against all know antibiotic medicine. What will happen if the H1N1 mutated strain also becomes resistant to antibiotic medicine? We need and already have alternative medicine that does not require drugs to kill these viruses. And in the future they may be the only solution to combat them. It really is just a matter of time

  • Thank you for the thoughtful piece about the H1N1 Flu outbreak in NY. I agree with one of the other comments about making people aware of the number of people who die every year from seasonal flu. That being said, it is always best to
    prepare for an emergency

  • this flu is propaganda flu, they try to poison us so be careful!

  • I think much of the problem is that people live and work so close to each other. Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. If you live in a NY luxury condo building, you are sure to encounter others and increase the risk of contracting H1N1.

  • I think that swine flu is just a conspiracy controlled the government. But many of my friends believe it was ment to kill people, but I believe it was just hyped by the media who were influenced by those corporations who were the ones that sold the vaccines to the many different world governments! Do you guys agree??

  • Really instructive – always spread your message. Getting excited about an update. For too long now have I had the need to get started on my own blog. Guess if I wait any more I’ll never do it. I’ll be sure to add you to my Blogroll. Cheers!!

  • We should be thankful that the swine flu did not spread very rapidly. it is not very deadly like Ebola but swine flu can still kill you.

  • Swine flu is not as dangerous as Dengue Fever but we should still take precautions to avoid spreading and contracting this disease.

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  • my friend is a Psoriasis sufferer for several years and there seems to be no permanent cure for it. .:

  • That’s a good article about Cures For All Diseases/ Swine H1N1 Flu Sparks State Of Emergency …. Thanks for the info.

  • my brother was one of those people that contracted H1N1, luckily, he survived unscathed;.~

  • H1N1 is not so deadly at all but it really scared the hell out of us :

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