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So let us see in this article what other skin diseases can be the cause of smoking.

Acute necrotizing ulocace

“The dug up mouth” causes bacteriemic flora, but this disease is noncontagious. At this form of an ulitis most typical are the punched ulcerations of papillas between teeth. Patients complain of morbidity, a staxis and an unpleasant smell from a mouth and in hard cases the lymphadenopathy and the general phenomena of intoxication develop. Disease arises exclusively at smokers and accurately depends on quantity of smoked cigarettes (from among the surveyed 75 % of sick people smoked not less than 3 packs of cigarettes a day). Thus, smoking is the major risk factor of this disease. Other risk factors are the stress and bad hygiene of an oral cavity.

Smoking role in an etiology and a psoriasis pathogenesis

Though accurate communication between smoking and psoriasis development isn’t proved, in a number of researches some association between these two phenomena is shown.

Results of the researches spent in the different countries have allowed to establish that among sick of a psoriasis constantly and casually smoking make 58,2 %, whereas in control group of such people of 43,5 %. 46,2-47,5 % constantly smoking among people sick with psoriasis, and in control group – 23,6-35,5 %. Besides, it is established that 24,1 % of sick with psoriasis people never smoked cigarettes, in control group of non-smoking it has appeared almost in 2 times more – 42,8 %.

A series of the authors investigating various risk factors of psoriasis haven’t found out any authentic communication between occurrence of psoriasis and smoking. But they mentioned, for example, that the psoriasis is associated with alcohol intake. Some researchers, without finding the differences, concerning smoking between the men sick with psoriasis have established such differences among women. Among the women sick with psoriasis, smokers made 40,3 % whereas in population of smoking women there were 28 % . It is established that at the women smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day risk of occurrence of a psoriasis in 3,3 times above than at non-smoking women.

Researches have shown not only authentic communication between a psoriasis and smoking at the moment of research carrying out, but also smoking prior to the beginning of disease. Besides, have established connection between quantity of smoked cigarettes a day and risk of occurrence of a psoriasis – the persons smoking 20 cigarettes a day and more had the greatest risk. The basic pathological processes by means of which the tobacco smoke can influence a psoriasis genesis, possibly, it is also disturbances in immune system, microcirculation disturbances in a skin, and also weakening of antioxidatic protection of organism which are observed at smoking people too.

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  • Oh my god! I never thought that maybe I will catch this from smoking! I just wish that this disease can be curable and I just hope that I cannot catch this disease because I really can’t quit smoking.

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