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Palm and plantar pustules

Though a series of scientists consider plantar pustules as a psoriasis version, the majority of researchers survey it as independent disease unit. The data of multicenter research (216 patients with pustules and 626 with other dermatosis) shows that 80 % of patients sick with pustules smoked in disease occurrence and in control group only 36 % were smokers. The relative risk of occurrence of pustules at smokers in comparison with non-smoking people which has appeared high is counted up.

The data of this large research is confirmed by results of other small scientific works. Pathogenesis of pustules is studied very badly, and the smoking role is up to the end obscure. The central role in pathogenesis of pustules, possibly, is played by neutrophils, and a pustule is neutrophil dermatosis. It is known that at smoking the quantity of neutrophils in a peripheric blood raises and their functional and morphological damage are also seen.

Other skin pathologies bound to smoking

A series of researches has shown communication of a tobacco smoking with such pathology of an oral cavity, as varicose carcinoma, black hairy tongue, an oral cavity melanosis, warty disceratoma. Smoking burdens a current of such internal illnesses having dermal implications, as an obliterating thromboangitis, diabetes, a nonspecific ulcerative colitis, a system lupus erythematosus. At smoking patients these illnesses proceed more hardly with various complications.

As at oncologic diseases of any localization the innidiation in a skin can be observed as smoking is risk factor of tumoral lesions of an internal (especially respiratory organs) it is logical to expect prevalence of smoking people among patients with metastasises in a skin.

It is established that smoking of cigarettes is the authentic factor of development of AIDS at a HIV-infected of people. As it is known that smoking possesses immune suppressive action, HIV-infected smokers have much bigger risk of development of AIDS, than non-smoking HIV-positive patients. Duration of the period between becoming infected and development of AIDS in smokers is much shorter, than at non-smoking people.

Also it is essential to mention that smoking only 1 cigarette can cause narrowing of vessels of a skin for the period to 90 minutes. Thus, for example, on 24 – 42 % decrease a blood flow in brush fingers. J. Jensen and coworkers have established that smoking during 10 mines leads to depression for almost one hour of partial pressure of oxygen in tissues. Authors have come to conclusion that the average smoker (1 pack a day) spends the most part of days in a hypoxia condition.

In summary it is necessary to repeat that for some patients and smokers danger of expressed skin disease threat can be much more powerful motivation giving up smoking, than even danger of any lethal diseases caused by smoking.

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