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So let us continue talking about those lip problems that you can met in the autumn and winter and let us find out how to cope with them.

Problem: Shelled labiums

The reason for that is absence of an adequate peeling.

What to do? First of all, flakes of the died off skin need to be softened properly. For this purpose you can put cotton plug moisten with strong tea and leave it for 10 minutes on labiums. Then on small pillows of fingers squeeze out a small amount of a scrub for a dry skin and labiums carefully mass within 1–2 minutes.

And after that you can put on them hygienic lipstick or a fat cream. Procedure should be spent every other day, alternating to nutritious oil masks. In a week the skin of labiums will look perfectly – it is going to be soft, elastic, without any small wounds.
What preventive measures should be taken?. A peeling of labiums it is necessary to spend 1–2 times a week. For this purpose is used either a scrub for labiums or a scrub for a dry face skin. Also it is possible to prepare scrub in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to crush 1 teaspoon of crude rice in a coffee grinder to a consistence of dust. It needs to be admixed with 2 table spoons of low-fat cottage cheese and 0,5 teaspoons of olive oil. At desire it is possible to replace rice with oat flakes. Such peeling perfectly approaches for a skin of labiums.

Problem: wounds in mouth angles

The reason for that is insufficiency of vitamins A and Е.

What to do? If the vitamin deficiency has already lead to mouth wounds, it means, it is necessary to operate as soon as possible. It is necessary to go to the nearest drugstore and to buy some vitamin additive complexes. In such vitamin complexes there prevail vitamins A and vitamin E and the preparation is necessary to intake for one capsule three times a day within two weeks. In this time the skin of labiums becomes soft and elastic, painful cracks disappear.

Healing process can be accelerated using some other medical preparations, but in most of them prevail vitamin A. They need to grease labiums regularly. Using such shock vitamin therapy against mouth wounds they will disappear in a few days. Despite a fast positive effect, treatment should make not less than two weeks. Only then the organism will receive enough of vitamins.

What are the preventive measures? To avoid a vitamin deficiency it is possible only by means of the balanced ration. It is necessary to rest lightly upon red-orange vegetables and fruit. There are in them a lot of vitamin A. Vitamin E is present in egg yolk and fish products.

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