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More often callosity grows in the most gentle and healthy places – on a skin between fingers and heels. Attritions and wet callosities – as if wide open an open hilus in corporal limits and other outgrowths can be a direct consequence of a fungoid infection like mycosis. it is impossible to cut them off with the razor and scissors! First, you will bring an infection; secondly instead of removing it the new callosities and outgrowth will begin to grow.

What you should do is to follow those simple rules given you in these two articles and in a week or two your feet will look better than at princess.

Small attritions don’t tamper with better: they quickly enough pass by itself. But what of it disturbs you with strong burning sensation? Wash out a painful site with cool water with soap (for larger effect – use the bactericidal soap) and then grease it with the special cream that you can easily find on sale in any drugstore. Few times stir up a blister with a medicine, put a few liquids on cotton wool, process a polished surface and allow it to dry up. You can also use Talcum or children’s dusting powder, but only not starch: for candida bacteria which in a warm season are easily got on feet, the best nutrient medium you will not think up!

Wet callosities (bubbles with a serous liquid) demand special attention. If they aren’t opened, you can get rid of it with the help of folk medecies. It will save from a pyesis, infection with a fungoid infection and occurrence of longly not healing wounds.

Process a bubble alcohol or cologne. Disinfect a sewing needle or take it on fire.

Pierce a bubble and put on it a solution of alcohol on a bandage. Don’t cut off a cuticle of the opened callosities: it serves as additional protection against an infection.

Impose bactericidal Emplastrum for 5 days.

Wear footwear which doesn’t injure healing callosities. The shoes rubbing feet, give to a shoe workshop for an extension.

Follow the lead of the Americans protecting sore point from a trauma and a friction by special rectangular loose leaves who are inserted between fingers. Make them yoursef or buy in a drugstore.

Last invention of the American scientists was the protective small pillows for fingers from a plastic material and you should put it on callosities or that place where it can appear.

So now you know what to do, but in the next article also want to share with you other methods of callosities treatment and removal that were given by the well-known medical experts in this very sphere. So just keep on reading.

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