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The basic infectious agent in a pathogenesis of acne disease is Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). It is important to notice that this microorganism is normal representative of a dermal micro flora, hair follicles and sebaceous glands which no means always causes formation of acne and inflammation development. In the course of vital activity of P. acnes split dermal fat and produce the biochemical substances possessing strong inflammatory properties at their contacts to surrounding tissues. Epithelium damage causes inflammation development in the center that leads to formation of pustules and microabscesses.

At teenage and youthful age natural age changes of hormonal balance, so-called, “hormonal splash”, and also hereditarily caused inadequate reaction of sebaceous glands, but remaining normal level of man’s sexual hormones in blood which are available for persons both at men, and a female can become the occurrence reason of acne.

Besides, to seborrhea development promote: endocrine disturbances (including against long reception of glucocorticoids, Testosterone Depotum, anabolic steroids, progesterone); the misbalance of vegetative nervous system resulting in time or constant rising of a tonus of a vagal innervation of sebaceous glands (for example, at acute and chronic infections, intoxications). Therefore, if eels are observed at the adult patient, it is necessary to do an exception of an endocrine pathology.

Most popular beliefs of the reasons of acne occurrence and their elimination

Very often delusions about the occurrence reasons of acne are bound to revaluation of factors of a food, hygiene, age, sex life, influence of sun rays. Now these delusions are “the discredited myths”.

It is established that acne is not bound to bad hygiene or a mud. For the purpose of observance of normal hygiene it is necessary to wash face with warm water with special agents 1 – 2 times a day. Too frequent washing can dry up a skin and aggravate an acne disease.

By numerous scientific researches it has been proved that food doesn’t influence formation of acne. However, a part of the patients suffering with it assert that certain foodstuff aggravates disease. In such cases of these products it is necessary to avoid.

Many patients suffering with acne note improvement in summertime. At the expense of sunburn the disease become less appreciable, however, their quantity doesn’t decrease. Moreover, in the literature there is data that the ultraviolet promotes occurrence of comedos, and high erythema doses of an ultraviolet sharply reduce local immune protection and, hence, can cause deterioration of acne illnesses.

It is known that presence or absence of sex contacts, and also their frequency doesn’t influence occurrence or disappearance of acne.

The factors complicating a clinical course

It is known that many factors influence this disease. It is necessary to notice that the menstrual cycle at women influences a current of acne. About 70 % of women assert that their disease becomes aggravated approximately for a week prior to the beginning of a monthly cycle.

Development of acne is influenced also by psychological stresses and depressions. High humidity and some cosmetic agents too can become the provoking factors of acne.

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