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Acne or eels are an inflammatory disease of hair follicles and skin sebaceous glands. As a rule, sites with the raised maintenance of sebaceous glands are affected: face, breast, back.

Statistics of an acne case rate:

Acne is rather widespread dermal disease. On the statistics, to 80 % of the population at the age from 12 till 25 years, and approximately 30-40 % of persons are more senior 25 years suffer with this disease. A tendency of “growing” of this disease now, its appreciable influence on psychoemotional sphere, the social status and public adaptation of patients cause an urgency of the given problem and necessity of working out of new effective remedies and treatment schemes. Most often acne meets among teenagers at the age from 15 till 18 years and consequently disease has also other name – “a teenage eruption”. More than in one third of cases this pathology demands serious, sometimes long treatment from the medical expert.

The occurrence reasons of acne

The pathogenesis of acne is complicated, key factors of development of this disease are: disturbance of circulation of some hormones, a misbalance of lipids, a follicular hyperkeratosis, ascending of pathogenicity of bacteria, inflammation development.

The skin of the face is a complex of special sensitive elements: hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands. Under the influence of androgens the sebaceous gland functions more intensively and allocates the raised quantity of dermal fat. By researchers it has been noticed that occurrence of acne eruption is preceded by a seborrhea – the disease state of the skin bound to raised production by sebaceous glands of dermal fat of the changed chemical compound. Correlation between rising degree of fat gathering and gravity of a clinical picture of acne is seen.

Whether you know that:

- At the adult person on the average it is allocated to 20 grams dermal fat a day;

- In seborrhea zones is allocated from 400 to 900 sebaceous glands on 1 square centimeter;

- Sebaceous glands are absent on a skin of palms and soles, it is not enough of them in the field of back of brushes, on a red border of labiums;

- The secret of sebaceous glands consists of fat acids, multinuclear alcohols, Glycerin, cholesterol, wax Aethers, metabolites of steroid hormones and some salts;

- The maximum activity of sebaceous glands at the healthy person begins in puberty and lasts till 24-25 years.

At acne illnesses keratinization processes in hair follicles are broken where the sebaceous gland lumen opens. It leads to occlusion cornual flakes of a follicular duct and to microcomedo formation. The occlusion of hair follicle and, hence, the termination of access of air in its cavity, and also a clump of dermal fat and died off cornual flakes of a skin in a follicle frame favorable conditions for reproduction of bacteria.

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