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When a person has tinnitus, there is usually a ringing in the ears that is constant and may last for a very short while or for a significant length of time. Many have turned to drugs for relief from this symptom, but they have not been cured of it. There are others that have used natural treatments like acupressure and have been able to beat this problem once and for all.

What are the main tinnitus causes? These include loud noise that is heard in the ears, ear infections, and headphones that are used in the ear. There are other causes that can result in this problem, but the main one is hearing loss that is caused by loud noises. Sometimes just staying away from loud noises for awhile might help in certain cases.

The treatment for this symptom is usually some form of medication which does not work for most people. There are also surgical procedures which can be quite risky. Many times these procedures do not help in anyway and sometimes the situation can be worse. There is always an alternative to these and other treatments that are used. Many have tried natural treatments like acupressure with good results.

What is acupressure and how is it used? – This is a technique that is used to free up the energy centers of the body. These centers are also known as meridians or acupoints and it is here that one can have blocked energy. By using acupressure techniques, one can unblock the various energy centers in the body to find relief from their ailment.

To unblock this energy as a relief from pain, a person has to apply a gentle pressure to the area that is in discomfort. This will free up the area that is in discomfort and will help the person to feel at ease. This treatment has been used with a number of ailments including tinnitus and with much success.

When using acupressure, one has to locate the energy centers that are around the ear. Then the middle finger is to be used to give gentle taps on these points. This has to be done on both sides so that there would be balance. In addition to this, one has to put pressure in the ear itself near the hole where it is tender.

The next place where pressure should be applied is inside the ear itself. This is done to a sensitive area that is located at the top of the ear inside the hole. One can use their forefinger to apply pressure here for about 15 seconds. The pressure applied should be gentle but firm and deep.

There are a number of natural remedies for tinnitus and acupressure is just one of them. If you have made a decision to try acupressure, it is important that you consult with someone who is an expert in using this method. In order to find the best natural remedy, one can find out what the cause of the problem is and use the appropriate solution. This way, one can find relief as quickly as possible.

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