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If your face is often flushed, chances are you’ll be frightened that you’re suffering from high blood pressure. According to conventional knowledge, a flushed face is without doubt one of the signs of the disease. However, there’s a cause why high blood pressure is referred to within the medical community as “the silent killer.” That’s because apparent signs, resembling flushed skin, don’t occur with this disease. Facial flushing is caused by dilation of blood vessels in the face, which might be triggered by emotional anxiety, sizzling weather, sun exposure, alcohol use, exercise, scorching baths and wind. These factors can even elevate blood pressure momentarily but, the AHA says, facial flushing is not related to the short-term spike in pressure, which can also be a reaction, not a catalyst.Facial flushing occurs when blood vessels in the face expand. The red, burning face can appear unpredictably or in response to certain triggers similar to:

* Solar exposure * Emotional anxiety * Scorching climate
* Alcohol
* Highly spiced foods * Exercise * Wind
* Hot baths
* Chilly weather
* Sizzling drinks
* Skin-care products

Emotional tension, exposure to warmth or sizzling water, alcohol and exercise may increase your blood pressure momentarily. So you might need facial flushing while your blood pressure is higher than usual, but the one doesn’t cause the other.

Some Blood Pressure decreasing medicine – together with vasodilators, alpha channel blockers and tamoxifen – list facial flushing as a potential side effect. Talk to your physician in case you’re anxious about unwanted effects of your drugs.

So if a flushed face isn’t an indication of high blood pressure, is there something that may alert you to the illness? The one clear cut solution to know is to have your blood pressure checked on a daily basis. When you have a family history of hypertension, you must check your blood pressure regularly, even in case you just use a kind of self-serve apparatus in your local grocery store or pharmacy.

When you’ve got severe high blood pressure, you may feel the following:

* Severe headache
* Confusion and dizziness * Difficulty seeing
* Difficulty with breathing * Chest pain * Blood in your urine
* Pounding sensation in your neck, ears, or chest

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it is advisable go the emergency room right away. High blood pressure has no symptoms. The only method to inform when you’ve got high blood pressure is for a physician to diagnose it after a period of monitoring. If you’re worried that your flushed skin is an indication of something severe, consult with your physician. There are some uncommon illnesses that may trigger flushing, and your physician can rule out any likely dangerous possibilities. If you want to know more about Low Blood Pressure Symptoms and Symptoms of Diabetes then visit these hyperlinks.

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