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Milk thistle is a pink flowering plant and regarded to possess beneficial properties as a herbal liver support formula. It was basically cultivated in the Mediterranean region and now grows in huge quantities in California and eastern United States. A few uses of this are that it enhances the generation of breast milk, fights against depression and menstrual problems of females and also decreases the signs of varicose veins. But above all, milk thistle is most famous among people for the cure of liver ailments. Our liver can surely be negatively affected by many hazards like environmental toxins, drugs and alcohol use, and some other ailments such as liver disease, and hepatitis c . So the utilization milk thistle may easily reduce the liver related problems.

The use of milk thistle liver cleanse has been popular for at least 2000 years in the Mediterranean region where it grows naturally. While not a new hcv treatment, this thistle has been used in teas to treat all forms of liver and gall bladder issues. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website the primary research areas for this herb is alcohol poisoning, viral hepatitis, mushroom poisoning and cancer.

While Silybum marianum is popular for general liver health, the research on hepatitis c is not so clear. While some tests have definitely shown improvement, others have not, and none have been done in a blind study compared against other medically prescribed hep c drugs. However, the positive impacts from milk thistle on other areas of the liver are well documented with no negative reasons to justify not adding it to your hepatitis c treatment plan.

Similar to any other herb, milk thistle also possesses a few side effects and safety hazards. Side effects as indicated by its consumers include headache, diarrhea, indigestion, heartburn and sexual dysfunction. In addition, individuals who have allergies to plants belonging to the aster family must not take any product which makes use of this particular herb. So in order to stay safe from its side effects, you ought to first consult your physician and then use it. The herb may be consumed in liquid form and the supplements which come readily in the market. In case of pregnancy, special attention and care is required when using any herb since it is not safe to use herbs in such condition.

Milk Thistle is really the most confirmed and best understood of all the medicinal herbal selections. Milk Thistle contains Silymarin, a powerful antioxidant. Silymarin has been scientifically validated to not only protect the liver cells but also to replenish them. The German Equialent to America’s F.D.A classifies Milk Thistle as an approved herb for the treatment of liver disorderand found it to be nontoxic with no known drug interactions or contraindications

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