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Shri Vinay Mitra Mandal, a non government organization from Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India, has been involved in many social welfare activities. They regularly participate in Jaipur foot camp in collaboration with Balco and provides light-weight artificial limb made of Aluminium to people who suffer from lower limb amputation. They have also been involved in other relief and social welfare programmes. One such programme was in Kukurbeda and Subhash Nagar areas of Raipur Chhattisgarh. There was an outbreak of Jaundice in the poor areas of Chhattisgarh including Kukurbeda and Suhash Nagar. Many people suffered from Jaundice and most of the people suffering were poor women and children. The outbreak of Jaundice was mostly in the slum and poor areas of Raipur as the hygiene in these areas are not good.

During the outbreak of Jaundice, Shri Vinay Mitra Mandal took several steps to help the people. They worked closely with the local government officials and also with the mayor of the municipal corporation of Raipur. They collaborated with the private sector business organizations and doctors to help the poor people of kukurbeda and Subash Nagar. They organized camps where poor people were given free medical checkups and free Kamalahar medicines were distributed. Kamalahar is an Ayurvedic (herbal) medicine which is very useful in the treatment of liver disorders such as hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis etc. It is also very good for liver detoxification to make the liver strong. The medicine is widely used in the eastern part of India to treat Jaundice, Hepatitis & Cirrhosis and it is very cost effective. The NGO worked closely with Khatore Pharmaceuticals private limited, makers of Kamalahar to help the patients.

During the outbreak of Jaundice in poor areas of Raipur, apart from setting up the camps, Shri Vinay Mitra Mandal also dedicated their office to distribute free Kamalahar medicines to the needy patients The initiative by the NGO in collaboration with Khatore Pharmaceuticals Private limited benefited hundreds of patients and helped in controlling the epidemic. The people who benefited from the initiative included poor women and children who have been the most affected by the outbreak.

Jaundice is a yellow discolouration of the skin and the eyes, brought about by the accumulation of bilirubin, a by-product formed during the break down of haemoglobin within the red blood cells. Normally, the liver processes this bilirubin and excretes it into the bowel through the bile duct. Some of the mechanisms by which jaundice can occur are – an overload of unprocessed bilirubin in the system or an inability of the liver to process bilirubin or a block in the bile duct, preventing the excretion of the processed bilirubin into the bowel. The prevention of jaundice, particularly the infective variety, is important in countries such as India, where the incidence of infection is very high. Some of the general measures include: avoiding unclean food and water, washing hands thoroughly after using the toilet or contact with body fluids.

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