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You have to know that it is extremely important to diagnose diabetes in the early stages. In fact, it is quite possible to have the diabetes for several years and not even be aware of this. And this means that without proper medication the damage to the human body has begun. Today it could be easily said that diabetes is a real epidemic and quite often it is associated with obesity and inactive style of life. However, the truth is that these are not the only ways you could contact this disease. And thus, today it is necessary to try and detect diabetes in early stages.

You have to know that today there is a simple test that everyone could be done at home. However, it is extremely important to say that if you suspect that you might have diabetes, you obviously have to see a medical practitioner.

However, let’s return to this simple test. First of all, you will need a glucose blood measuring monitor. Today these measuring monitors come in a great variety of types and forms as well as could be bought from any drugstore. These measuring monitors are easy to use and painless. Remember that after you have eaten your blood glucose level will rise. And thus you have to measure the level of glucose in your blood when you have fasted. You just do not have to eat the evening before and do the test before the breakfast.

You have to know that different types of monitor could operate differently, however there is always an instruction that you have to read. So make sure that you read the instruction properly before you use the monitor.

Keep in mind that if after test the monitor shows you numbers from 70 to 99, then you have nothing to worry about because you are healthy. If the reading indicates a higher level of glucose in your blood (from 100 to 125) this means that you are pre-diabetic. If it is your case, then you immediate have to talk to your doctor.

There exist many diseases in our world and various ways to cure them have been found. Still it is good to be aware of different symptoms like kidney infection symptoms and others to stay healthy. Knowledge is the power and finding out hepatic encephalopathy and many other diseases in time can save your life.

And also remember that in many foreign countries physical therapist salary is not that high and you will have to pay some unofficial fee.

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