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First off I would like to say that our prayers go out to all the Haiti Earthquake Victims and their families.

I have been watching the news on the Haiti earthquake victims. They are desperately in need of food, water and medical supplies. The fact that many of these people are in physical pain and are of need of pain medication is clearly evident and is rightly needed. But what can be one of the most effective ways to help the victims of this earthquake? I believe a large supply of Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) and Colloidal Silver or Colloidal Silver Generators would help them tremendously and be extremely effective.

Why would this help? Because MMS and Colloidal Silver are capable of cleaning and purifying unlimited amounts of water. They could also be used to clean and sterilizes cuts, abrasion, and infections not to mention diseases that are going to arise from this catastrophe. Malaria is frequent in Haiti’s. Miracle Mineral Supplement can kill and eliminate Malaria in infected humans and animals within hours of ingestion. Colloidal silver can also eliminate these diseases and can also be spayed on just about anything to eliminate the spread of bacteria, mold parasites and diseases. These substances are a fraction of the cost of medications such as antibiotics and sterilization products such as alcohol.

Video of Haitian Ruins

One of the saddest things about the relief efforts to save lives and help the victims of Haiti is that the pharmaceutical companies are and will be having a field day. You can bet that these companies are ecstatic and extremely happy that this catastrophe has occurred. They are poised to make millions and possible billions of dollars on this terrible disaster. Have you heard of a single pharmaceutical company coming out publicly stating that they will provide medications for the relief of these victims for free? I personally can guarantee that you will not and that the only news you will hear about the subject is for requests for donations or that donations have or will be used to purchase these medications.

 And the saddest and most discerning thing is that products such as MMS and Colloidal Silver, that require only a fraction of the costs of man mad medications, are more effective than pharmaceutical medications, have and as it seems, will be ignored.

I have created this post to help spread the word that the efforts to help the Haiti victims can be dramatically improved with alternative medicine. You can also by notifying others. State this fact in newsgroups or create a new blog. A few of your written words just may save lives. And if it saves at least one life. Would that not be worth it?

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