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When it comes to growing old and numerous health troubles to look out for, gouty arthritis is one of those things you will need to keep a close eye on. Though numerous older people acquire this health disease in their late 50s or 60s it is at all times vital to know the warning signs and also probable problems that can come along with it.

When it comes to gouty arthritis there is nothing else worse than hurting through sleepless nights and continual joint pain when being active. Gout disease affects on women are chiefly different than those with men because the biological characteristics are to some extent different. The good news is that for women they are less prone to get this medical issue than men —who are much more likely to experience from gout conditions once they reach their 50s or 60s.

Gouty arthritis affects on women are very similar to most rheumatoid arthritis problems in that it creates joint and muscular discomfort in the areas where uric acid has built up. The predicament with this arthritic condition is the fact that it can be hard to detect if you are not familiar with the familiar symptoms, so lets take a look at some key qualities to look out for. Pain that shows up at night or when you start to get settled into bed.
Itching skin around the affected regions and joints that may become red or irritated.

Swelling and/or sensitivity in your joints where the gout-attack occurs.
Pain in particularly the big toe joint. If you have any of the above signs and symptoms or feel you may be experiencing the onset of some of them you could be a victim of gout. When it comes to gout affects on women in particular there are some things you should be wary of. For instance there is a good chance you are at higher risk of other diseases and medical problems. Also if you have hit the menopausal stage your body will likely reduce its production of estrogen which will cause your chances of getting gout to increase dramatically.

Regardless of whether the symptoms occur in a male or female patient you will want to be acquainted with a few swift therapies and safeguards to take. Namely you will want to avoid high purine rich foods that can intensify your likelihood of uric acid build up in your body. This is the acid that leads to gout and certain foods can increase your risk or severity of symptoms. Some good foods to eat are cherries, grapes and pineapples but there are scores of others that help aid in uric acid elimination.

Additionally staying properly hydrated is imperative to make certain your body is operating at its peak performance and flushing out this acid that can very easily build up around the joints. If you drink a lot of juice, sugary drinks, sodas or anything other than water you should make a conscious resolution to begin ingesting more water daily.

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4 Responses to “Gouty Arthritis Affects On Women What Are The Warning Signs”

  • Gouty arthritis certainly must be seen as a nasty issue, my own man is struggling with it for several years already. It is quite tense for me, finding a much loved family member and friend suffer from sudden attacks all too often. Using a recommended diet routine for prophylaxis and making use of effective therapy is something I consider necessary. I would would suggest everybody who is now noticing early warning signs of gouty arthritis to by any means be alarmed. Better consult a health care professional as soon as possible and change your diet program to prevent the outbreak of the illness. It is definitely no fun. Try to find reasonable treatments and avoid foods containing a high amount of purine, alcohol etc as a prophylactic measure!

  • Gout arthritis unquestionably is a really unpleasant health issue, my own nephew is suffering from the condition for ages now. It is awfully nerve-racking to me, finding a much loved family member experience severe joint pain over and over again. Pursuing a suited diet plan for prophylaxis and making use of proper treatment options is in my opinion essential. I would personally highly recommend everyone who presently notices primary symptoms of gout or podagra to by all means take this absolutely serious. You should pay a visit to a health care professional better sooner than later and fine-tune your diet regime to prevent the outbreak of the illness. It is definitely no fun, thats for sure. Find working therapy options and stay clear of meals containing large quantities of purine, alcoholic beverages and the like as a prophylactic measure!

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