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Dermatomycosis of a pilar part of head. It develops owing to a fungoid infection and amazes exclusively children. The head skin is shelled, chaotic sites of a hair fall with the broken hair are visible; appearance of such sites reminds a wattled lace.

For the medical examination and candida bacteria revealing undertake the skin tissue. Cultivation occupies four – six weeks. In the presence of Microsporum canis (most often meeting fungoid agent) over the amazed sites the greenish-blue luminescence is visible. It allows to begin treatment earlier.

Local treatment is noneffective at head skin dermatomycoses and to cope with an infection, the six-week course is required. In hard cases with the expressed inflammatory component owing to an ecdysis constant loss of hair is observed.

Trichotillomania. At this disease the patient deliberately or unconsciously all the time pulls and braids hair which because of it are fractured. As a rule, problems with hair aren’t resolved before elimination of the basic mental disease. Treatment process can be long enough. All this time the patient often continues to lose hair. The forecast is better at children, than at adults.

Cicatrical alopecia

The cicatrical alopecia is observed at such conditions as flat deprive or a lupus erythematosus, and also after a trauma. A head skin strained to the touch, with focal sites of baldness and an erythema. To restore a skin on a cicatrix place inconveniently, but to stop the further diffusion of disease it is possible, processing a local steroid blossoming edge of a site of active damage at a lupus. By means of a biopsy presence of cicatrix proves to be true and the cause of illness is frequently established. It is necessary to search also for other dermal implications.

Skin ecdysis

It is one more widespread dermatological problem, thus an ecdysis can affect only a head skin or to be a part of an extensive dermal lesion, as at an eczema or a psoriasis. Leading symptoms are the itch and dandruff – both that and another brings appreciable inconveniences to the patient.

The head skin eczema usually is a consequence of seborrhea dermatitis; thus the skin is scratched and covered by thin flakes. Nose cords and also the breast and a back quite often are surprised.

The treatment is spent using local steroid preparations in the form of a lotion or mousse, and also tar or the antimitotic shampoo. Symptoms can renew at stress or during illness. At application of painting solutions there can be a contact dermatitis. The diagnosis in most cases follows from the anamnesis; for diagnosis acknowledgement investigate a plaque.

At psoriasis of a head skin of flake thicker, the ecdysis settles down on border of growth of hair with transition to a forehead or a neck. It can be in the form of plaques or cover a skin of all head.

If flakes are not so thick, it is possible to try the same methods of treatment, as at eczema or a lotion (ointment). However for struggle against thicker flakes such preparations appear to be insufficiently. To begin with it this is required to take measures for reduction of a thickness of flakes. To a softening and ecdysis reduction apply a cream with 10 %-s’ urea or olive oil.

Alternatively it is possible to offer an admixture of tar, coconut oil and Acidum salicylic. This agent spoils hair and has an unpleasant smell, but it is very effective at regular application. It is put in the evening and is left for all night long. The preparation paints clothes, therefore warn the patient that he used an old pillow. At ecdysis reduction it is possible to pass to less unpleasant ways of treatment

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