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You have to know that cervical cancer is more likely to affect women during their middle age years and beyond.

But, as well you have to know that this disease could occur any time during a woman’s child bearing years. And this is a reason why it is necessary for women of all ages to understand the different stages of this type of cancer. You have to remember that early detection is necessary for women to have a good chance at survival.

This will allow a woman to get the needed treatment before the disease progresses to advanced stages, when the chances for survival are small. As well, the type of treatment that a woman will receive for cervical cancer is determined by the stage of the disease in her particular situation.

You have to know that there are two types of cervical cancer tumors. One classification is known as pre-invasive. In other words, the lower third of the epithelium is made up of abnormal cells. And the other classification of cervical cancers tumors known as invasive. In this case, the full thickness of the epithelium consists of cells that are proliferating abnormally.

You have to know that this cancer occurs in the lining of the cervix. This consists of the lower region of a woman’s uterus where the opening of the vagina is located. You have to know that this type of cancer does not always spread to other parts of the human body. But, if it spreads, it will affect the lungs, rectum, liver, vagina and bladder.

You have to know that this type of cancer starts from changes that occur in the cells. Traditionally the human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer. This virus is transferred through contact with the genitals of the infected person. And this is why this virus is quite often spread during the sexual activity.

There exist many diseases in our world and lots of ways to treat them have been found. Still it is good to know different symptoms like kidney infection symptoms and others to stay healthy. Knowledge is the power and finding out liver failure and many other diseases in time can save your life.

And also keep in mind that in many foreign countries physicians assistant salary is not that high and you will have to pay some unofficial fee.

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