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When my daughter was first born she had a horrible red rash on her face. We tried inflammation creams and herbal creams but these didn’t work. In the end, after exhausting other resources we went to a nutrtionist who informed us about the connection connecting dairy and eczema.

Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a skin condition that causes red, inflamed skin. It is most commonly found in babies (and adults) with a family history of allergies and asthma. This brings up an interesting point; eczema is not an exterior state, but an interior state that has to do more with the immunity system than outside factors. This is significant to know if you want to effectively treat it.

As early as 1936 the relationship was known concerning eczema and early presentation of cow’s milk (formula). Babies fed cow’s milk were discovered to have seven times the incidence of eczema as breastfed babies. Quite a few studies also have shown that when breastfed babies do get eczema it is due to a food eaten by the mom — usually cow’s milk (Chandra et al., 1986; Jakobsson et al., 1985; Gerrard et al., 1973.)

This can be the same for adults also. I’m not saying there are grown ups who are breast feeding, but I am saying there is a connection connecting dairy and eczema.

Not all doctors agree with this. In fact there are some (alot even) in the medical community who still believe eczema to be purely an outside matter. My doctor was one of them. Our nutritionis pointed us to a holistic program that treats eczema at the source.

Environmental matters positively have an effect on eczema. Bathing with harsh soaps or utilizing laundry detergents with alot of perfumes, for instance, can exacerbate eczema that is already there. Utilizing humidifiers in dry climates can help mitigate some of the systems. But until the source is treated with a holistic methodology the red dry irritated skin will not go away.

It doesn’t mean that you or your child has some sort of dreadful immune defieciency if you have eczema. What it means is that you need to take a look at the total lifestyle (including diet i.e. dairy) and address of the issues one by one.

What’s going on with your diet. What type of supplements or vitamins do you take. The filters in your HVAC system and your cleaning products – even your fitness level; all of these need to be looked with this skin condition in mind. Not an simple thing to do if you don’t know what your looking for/ at.

The plan my nutritionist puts us in addressed all these issues and more. Not only did the eczema go away, but we all feel healthier. And we know we are living a much better lifestyle. If you or your child has this condition, it may be the dairy and it may not. I propose you find a natural solution so you’ll know exactly how to live free from this embarrassing condition.

Dairy and Eczema
Dairy and Eczema

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