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“Breast cancer” – today these two words are able to frighten absolutely any women to death. The great news is that the survival rate for breast cancer is one of the best among all types of cancer. This is so only because of advances in technology and science in terms of early detection, proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. You have to know that early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer in addition to applying the proper holistic and nutritional treatments.

You have to know that the majority of treatment options that are involved into treatment do not mean traumatic, radical and ugly side effects that radiation therapy traditionally brings to the patient. And thus, extreme nausea, hair loss and haggard appearance could be avoided.

All mentioned is possible only because of early detection. Even if a woman will have to undergo the surgery in order to remove the cancerous tumor and later have radiation therapy, the side effects are more bearable than those from chemotherapy. As well you have to know that with early detection such treatment options as hormone reception and drugs could not be needed.

Today women with a family history of breast cancer have much higher risks in contracting the illness, especially during times of weakened immune system and stress. However, it has to be noted that even women without family history, but live an unhealthy style of live (drinking alcohol, excessive smoking, bad diet, high stress level) have high chances as well. And thus it is highly recommended to lead a healthy style of life in order to supplement the medical treatment and prevent the development of cancerous tumor.

However, it is necessary to mention that the risk factors leading to breast cancer are not fully understood by modern science. Today even women with a perfect health and style of life could find themselves living with breast cancer.

There exist many diseases in our world and lots of ways to cure them have been found. Still it is good to know different symptoms like yeast infection symptoms and others to stay healthy. Knowledge is the power and discovering liver failure and many other diseases in time can save your life.

And also remember that in many foreign countries physical therapist salary is not that high and you will have to pay some unofficial fee.

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