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The Bob Beck Protocol is a system that eradicates any known diseases. The system includes Blood Electrification, Magnetic Pulsing, Colloidal Silver and Ozonated Water


 The Bob Beck Protocol started out as an electro medicine treatment for AIDS / HIV; however, it has turned out to be an excellent cancer treatment because of the way it builds the immune system.

In 1990, Dr. Kaali and Dr. Lyman, discovered that an electric current would make microbes inoperable could disable them from being able to multiply, rendering them harmless. The greatest medical discovery in the history of medicine. This discovery was a cure for almost every disease known to mankind.

Dr. Kaali and Dr. Lyman created a patent for for a device that would administer blood electrification with electrodes inserted into the veins of the infected patient and presented it to the medical society but it was thought to be too evasive and not given the proper attention and put aside. It was thought to be suppressed until Dr. Beck, who had 30 years of electro medicine research behind him and held a PhD in physics found out about the discovery, researched and found the patent. He then produced a non-invasive way to administer blood electrification without penetrating the skin of the patient. This device was also able to produce Colloidal Silver ( silver is a well known disinfectant that can kill bacteria, viruses, mold, parasites and fungus that could be ingested with absolutely no side effects) His early research had to be done outside of the United States to avoid persecution.

The new devise was called the Blood Purifier or Blood Electrifier (Now called Silver Pulser) by Dr. Robert Beck. It creates a very small alternating electric current (polarity changes 4 times a second) destroying a key enzyme on the surface of a microbe prevents the microbe from multiplying. The body then safely excretes the disabled microbes since they are now not able to “hang on” to any cells. This procedure would remove any known destructive pathogen (bacteria, virus or parasite) completely from the blood and would cure anything known disease from a common cold to HIV or Cancer.

Although terminal patents seem to be cured from HIV and Cancer Dr. Bob Beck discovered that in some tests the disease would reoccur and the patient would re-infect themselves. He concluded that some viruses were hiding in lymph nodes in the body and were dormant or colonized, thus were not circulating with the blood. He then invented the Magnetic Pulsar to disable those microbes that were dormant in the lymph nodes and could not be reached with circulating blood.

Thus the Bob Beck Protocol was established consisting of Blood Electrification, Magnetic Pulsing the lymph nodes, Ingesting Colloidal Silver and the newly added ingesting of Ozonated Water.


Video On How To Administer Blood Electrification



Sadly Bob Beck died in the year 2002 from falling off of a ladder, but his invention and determination to inform the public that there is an alternative means to treat and cure for Aids and Cancer will live on indefinitely.


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15 Responses to “Bob Beck Protocol”

  • The usual remedy for common cold is just lots of water, fruit juice and also vitamin-C tablets.*,`

    Added by the admin of this site: And a BIG glass of Colloidal Silver!!!

  • I would like to know how true and plausible this device is and if one want to order,how much does it cost?…thanks

  • it is pertinent to openly prove this…as patents from 2 doctors..kaali and d other…werent established….

    Added by admin: The patents were established and legal but were suppressed until Bob Beck uncovered them. They were documented legal patents from the United States patent copyright office.

  • admin:

    A device precisely similar to Dr. Robert Beck’s Silver Pulsar and Magnetic Pulsar is the device that is said to have cured the legendary Magic Johnson of Aids whom disappeared for six months in a clinic shortly after being diagnosed with HIV. Don’t think there is a cure for Aids? Then why is Magic Johnson still alive. Earvin Effay Johnson, Jr. (otherwise known as Magic Johnson the NBA basketball star that had been infected with HIV in 1991) is your absolute unequivocal proof that there is no doubt a cure for HIV.

    Try and test the devise in a peltry dish for yourself with any known pathogen and you will see for yourself that it will eradicate all diseases that are tested.

  • thanks for the serious blog post

  • I never knew how much stuff there was online about this! Thank you for making this simple to figure out

  • interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  • Good information
    I love the way you always concisely and precisely explain the device. Thanks for staying on top of things and having such great information! I have come to think of you as a trusted resourc

  • your blog is really great! hope you can post more on it. thank you and congratulations.

  • common cold is really hard to prevent becaue the virus always mutate –

  • Robert:

    How can i purchase the set..pls let ne know now!

  • admin:

    CLick the link on the side of this blog with the picture on it of the Silver Pulser. Then search there for the unit you want. Shipping is free!!!

  • Great post! I’m just starting out in community management/marketing media and trying to learn how to do it nicely – resources like this post are incredibly useful. As our company is based in the US, it?s all a bit new to us. The example above is something that I be concerned about as well, how to show your own genuine enthusiasm and write about the fact that your product is helpful in that case.

  • This is a good blog, some relevant comments regarding the common cold. One or two viewpoints I found interesting.
    Tx guys

  • bobbeckapplier:

    I have treated people with bob beck protocol: in 100% cases I obtained: candida complete remision, KS(Sarcoma Kaposi) complete remision, shingles complete remision, oral herpes and oral shores complete remision, `pneumonia complete remision, cold complete remision I repeat 100% cases treated. Ankle points for electrifing and anal oral and breathing intake of medium alternative current voltage colloidal silver or yellow silver made with constant current.

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