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Below Is The Schematic of the Improved Version of the Bob Beck Blood Purifier or Silver Pulsar

The Blood Purifier Schematic is show below. I have personally made one myself. It is a little difficult to get all the parts at Radio Shack so I recommend searching the Internet for the components that they may not carry. If you are not electronically inclined I suggest you purchase the device. You can purchase a professional Blood Purifier called a Silver Pulsar on the Internet or you can buy a good quality, low cost home made one on eBay ( make sure that it states that it was made by the Bob Beck Schematics). I recommend that you also purchase a Magnetic Pulsar to eradicate hibernating diseases in the lymph nodes.

Bob Beck  Improved Schematic

To Save the Image Right Click And Select “Save Picture As” 

The first section (U1B) of the LM358 dual op-amp is a 54 (2 x 27 Volts peak per cycle) volt peak-to-peak square wave oscillator. The second section (U1A) reverses polarity and provides ±27 Volts DC output of low impedance. This delivers a Bi-Phasic, sharp rise–time output of ~4 Hz (not critical) for the biological cotton–covered stainless-steel (or gold-plated) electrodes saturated with salt water before applying. Sharp rise–time is considered necessary to provide higher odd harmonics to the stimulus, although “rounded” waveforms will feel different.
The third section is a current–limited 27 Volts DC output from a separate RCA (or 2.5mm) jack for rapid generation of excellent ionic/colloidal silver in water. A three minute cycle in 8 Oz. of room–temperature water makes a ~3-5 PPM concentration.
Op-amp section U1B’s 4 Hz oscillator frequency is set by C1 (0.1 uF) and R1 (2.4 meg Ohm). It is configured as a comparator with hysteresis determined by R2 (150 k Ohm). Charging and discharging of C1 is done by the 180º out-of-phase signal through R1. R3 and R4 provide a set–point 1/2 the V+ to the comparator. This insures a 50% duty cycle square wave with an amplitude of slightly less than the ~27 Volt supply.
U1A, the second comparator, is used to invert the output of oscillator U1B. A ~54 Volt peak-to-peak signal will be generated between the op-amps due to their outputs being 180º out-of-phase. U1A’s current is limited by potentiometer R5 (100 k Ohm) and R7 (820 Ohm) and is set to individual user’s comfort.
The power indicatorcircuit consists of a bicolor (Red-Green) LED (CR1) and the series combination of two 18 Volt Zener diodes, D1 & D2, with power limited by C2 (22 uF, 35 Volt). This section of the device is automatically disabled when the 3.5 mm plug is inserted into its jack. Therefore the LEDs flash only when batteries sum is over ~21 Volts. If LEDs are dim or extinguished, replace with three fresh 9 Volt Alkaline batteries. C2 used as a limiter allows the LED to flicker on at 1/8 second intervals only as the square wave output reverses polarity.


Revision November 24, 1996. Copyright © 1991/1999 Robert C. Beck, D.Sc.

LM358 CMOS Operational Amplifier (OP-AMP) chip (generic)   U1 $ 1.00
2.4 (or 2.2) meg ohm ¼ watt 5% resistor   R1 0.07
150 k ohm ¼ watt 5% resistor   R2 0.07
100 k ohm ¼ watt 5% resistor 2 @ 0.15 R3, R4 0.14
100 k ohm linear taper pot, ½ watt Caltronics P-68   R5 2.56
150 ohm ¼ watt 5% resistor   R6 0.07
820 ohm ¼ watt 5% resistor   R7 0.07
0.1 uF 50 V (or higher) ceramic capacitor   C1 0.45
22 uF 35 V (or higher) electrolytic capacitor   C2 0.25
18 Volt Zener diodes (NTE5027A) ½ Watt, 2 @ 0.79 D1, D2 1.58
Bulb: 6-12V @ 55mA or, 6.3V @ 0.075 A Type ML612 or 7377 B1 1.34
Bicolor LED Red/Green RS# 276-012 LED 1 1.19
Jack for electrode leads (3.5mm or 1/8″ mono-phone jack) RS# 274-251 3/$1.59 J1 0.53
Jack for silver wire leads (2.5mm or 3/32″ mono-phone jack) RS# 274-292 3/$1.59 J2 0.53
3 Alkaline 9 V batteries, type 1604 etc. 3 @ 1.25   3.75
3 x 9 V battery snaps (clip-on connectors) RS# 270-325 pkg. 5/$1.29   1.29
Misc. wire, solder, etc.     0.50
Box, if used     2.29
Bread-board, if used     2.00
8-Pin I.C. Socket, if used     2.00
Lead wire with 3.5 mm plug, 6 ft., Mouser or Calrad Electronics     0.35
Electrodes, stretch elastic, Velcro, cotton flannel, alligator clips, etc.     5.00
Total Cost for improved do-it-yourself project     $26.47
All components listed above, check your local electronics store.      

Special Notes:

Ensure the IC chip U1 (LM358) is
wired correctly. The location of Pin #1 is shown at Left









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  • Hepatitis could lead to liver cirrhosis if you did not maintain a healthy lifestyle..”;

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  • I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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  • Hepatitis can also lead to liver cirrhosis if it has not been taken care of.*-”

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  • Well, the purpose of the blood purifier is to accentuate the blood flow and to destroy the harmful microbes and pathogens. The Blood purifier creates a small electric current thus prevents the microbes from attaching to the human cells and multiplying. I would suggest you to drink more water to keep the microbes in control. And also I would say that while using blood purifiers on your wrists you should place the electrodes on the top of arteries for generating strong pulse. You could use this machine for 20 minutes a day initially and gradually you can increase the duration depending upon the amount of microbes. Hope you had got some useful information!

  • Waynedog:

    In the 13 part video series on YouTube by the late Dr. Bob Beck he insist you soak the cotton sleves in “SEA SALT” Water….. Regular table salt has Aluminum and will you will end up poisoning yourself lol

  • Waynedog:

    In the 13 part video series on YouTube by the late Dr. Bob Beck he insist you soak the cotton sleves in “SEA SALT” Water….. Regular table salt has Aluminum….which is poison…

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