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One of the main area of hemorrhoid treatment which is the toughest is actually eliminating the ‘lumps’ which are hemorrhoids themselves. While there are lots of techniques for doing this, few are really quite effective, and the ones which are tend to consist mainly of surgical options that are costly and can come with hazards of their own.

Basically, if you don’t want to have surgery, then there really is just one method worthwhile considering when it comes to clearing yourself of hemorrhoids, which is to use astrigents.

Perhaps you’ve heard of astrigents before? They’re quite commonly used these days — specifically as a cure for acne! Basically, an astrigent is a sort of substance that will ‘shrink’ body tissue when it is applied. In this circumstance, that is exactly the result we want, seeing as it should signify that you can ‘shrink’ the body cells of your hemorrhoids!

One of the popular types of astrigents to treat hemroids would be that involving Alum crystals. Honestly speaking, it should not be too hard to acquire the ingredients that you need and create a solution out of them. After that, all that remains is to regularly use that solution and let it work its magic and shrink your hemorrhoids.

Generally, a concentrated solution is made initially and stored. Then, it should be diluted close to when you intend to put it to use. Whilst mixing instructions for astrigents are easily obtainable, you should be certain that you’re fully aware of what you ought to do so that you don’t screw up and end up applying a concoction which is too strong, or too weak.

Incidentally, it is advisable to apply astrigents twice a day. In so doing, within a couple of days (i.e. 2 to 4 normally) you should be able to actually see the results in terms of your hemorrhoids shrinking noticeably. More importantly however, you should be able to feel the results long before that, as the whole area should feel a lot less sore, aching and irritated.

Right now, astrigents are one of the ‘better’ cures for hemorrhoids out there, and have been considered to be incredibly effective. That being said however, at times astrigents will not be able to shrink certain types of hemorrhoids, and when that happens you may either choose to try a different sort of astrigent, or pursue an alternative method entirely.

Whichever choice you make, be sure that you’re certain that astrigents really aren’t working for you, and it is not just a case of you mixing up the formula, or mis-applying it in some way.

Be very careful about what you’re doing when it comes to astrigents, as even a small hiccup could ruin the results!

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