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Angular Cheilitis is a painful condition where the corners of the mouth crack and blisters appear. The cracks might bleed and pus might also form in the cracks. The biggest problem with Angular Cheilitis is that it tends to become a chronic infection, in other words, once people start to suffer from it, they tend to get recurring infections. It is also found that most topical treatments lose their effectiveness with people who are chronic sufferers from this condition.
Angular Cheilitis might be caused by a variety of causes, some of which might be:

Candida Yeast Infection – the candida fungus also lives in other places in the body, in the mucous membranes of the mouth for example. Most people have the candida yeast organisms present in their body, and normally does not present a problem. The problem occurs when an overgrowth of candida occurs due to an imbalance in the body.

This can happen because of the use of anti-biotics and other factors might also contribute to the lowering of the immune system, causing an overgrowth of the candida yeast. In the mouth, this results in thrush, or sometimes in Angular Cheilitis.
A common Angular Cheilitis treatment is therefore topical antifungal and steroid medication that treats the candida fungus.
The problem is that Angular Cheilitis could potentially be caused by more than just the candida yeast growing wild. There is often an underlying factor that creates a perfect environment for the candida yeast to multiply.

Some examples of these could be that people who wear ill-fitting dentures, or people suffering from malocclusion of the teeth (teeth that are not aligned properly) could be prone to Angular Cheilitis since these two problems can cause breaks in the mucous membranes causing the candida yeast to start multiplying.
The cracks caused by the yeast infection can also be infected by a bacterial infection (staph) which can exacerbate the whole problem. This is typically a secondary infection caused by bacteria that breeds in the cracks caused by the candida yeast infection. In such a case the treatment would probably involve antibiotic creams and gels that will also contain anti-fungal properties to combat the fungal infection caused by the candida yeast.

Other causes of Angular Cheilities could be that the lips are prone to cracking due to being dry and chapped. In that case, if the person suffers from a low immune system or an imbalance in the body of the micro-organisms that normally keep the candida yeast in check, it could also lead to the infection.

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  • For the past 10 years I have been getting these sores in the corner of my mouth and had no concept what they were from. Finally I read they had been angular cheilitis and discovered the causes. Now I am satisfied with the outcomes that I’ve gotten from angular cheilitis treatments that I read about in this book.

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