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Thought Field Therapy is the original meridian tapping technique. Dr. Roger Callahan is the originator and inventor of this powerful technique. His discovery started after his discontentment with conventional psychological treatment methods and techniques. Dr. Callahan became more and more upset with the fact that the majority of psychological patients were not improving. He began searching for other ways of treating his patients. He used homeopathy, nutritional supplements, and many other courses of treatment with little improvement of results. He attended an acupuncture seminar where he learned about the meridians running through the money and the areas of the body in which those meridians correlated.

After his return from the acupuncture seminar, Dr. Callahan was working with a patient who had aqua-phobia, or fear of water. He had been working with this patient for a year or more and had only gotten her very little progress over that time frame. During a session with his patient, he noticed that when his patient described her aqua-phobia that she clinched her stomach. This gave Dr. Callahan a thought. He asked her where the feeling was, if it was in her head. She said no, that it was in her stomach. He had an idea which he got from the acupuncture seminar. He asked her to tap lightly under her eye, which is the end of the meridian that is associated with the stomach. Much to their amazement, she got up and yelled, “It’s gone.”

That was the first glimpse into what we have today. From that first discovery, Dr. Callahan spent many years putting all of the pieces together to come up with a system that would work on all kinds of emotional issues. Since that time, Thought Field Therapy continues to go through evolution. Every year or two, a group of 40+ practitioners from around the world gather to discuss the therapy and make updates and revisions to it. Since Thought Field Therapy is the original meridian tapping technique, it has spawned multiple other variations. The most famous one is called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. EFT was created by Gary Craig, who studies with Dr. Callahan and was one of his first students. Gary Craig has done a wonderful job of educating the public and marketing meridian tapping techniques around the world. He has had a major impact of the popularity of meridian tapping techniques. The EFT tapping technique is different from Thought Field Therapy is two distinct ways. The first is that Thought Field Therapy uses no affirmations accompanied with the meridian tapping.

The second way is that EFT has more general sequences of tapping whereas Thought Field Therapy has specific sequences for the issue. Both techniques are powerful in that they both have a high success rate of reducing and eliminating emotional issues. Thought Field Therapy is growing in popularity thanks to Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures books which put Thought Field Therapy in high regard for its effectiveness and powerful transformations of emotions. Dr. Callahan is also a guest speaker for The Global Information Network, an organization of like-minded individuals who want vibrant emotional and physical health as well as wealth and freedom. Members of this organization are helping spread Thought Field Therapy to the masses and show it’s amazing results. Whether this will ever happen or not I don’t know, but Dr. Roger Callahan deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for this life-changing therapy. The lives this therapy has touched is not known, but the world is definitely a better place because of Dr. Callahan’s contributions. Thank you Roger for your discovery of Thought Field Therapy. You have made the world a better place and have changed countless lives for the better.

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