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Allergies can be a real problem for many people. Over-the-counter and prescription medications certainly can be a relief but can carry considerable risk and expense.

There are 2 important realizations when dealing with allergies:

1) Most people fail to realize that a source of allergies is not the allergen itself, but that the body is not adapting to the allergen. For example, some people blame pollen for their allergies, but everyone else is exposed to the same pollen yet not everyone suffers from it. In fact the majority of people’s bodies adapt to the allergen instead of reacting to it. The discomfort is often is in the form of an inflammatory response like redness, swelling, and mucous production.

2)Since allergies are often accompanied by inflammation, it’s often helpful to minimize inflammatory compounds. This is most easily done with diet. Inflammatory foods are typically processed and preserved foods like those containing white sugar, white flower, artificial dyes and flavorings. Adopting a more wholesome food plan similar to the Mediterranean type diet is usually helpful.

3) A common overlooked sources of the inability of some people’s bodies to adapt to allergens is interference in the nervous system. The most common cause of nerve system interference is spinal misalignment. When one or more of the spinal vertebrae are malpositioned, they can pinch or press on the delicate nerve roots that exit the spine. Doctors of Chiropractic call this vertebral subluxation, and this disturbance is best resolved with chiropractic adjustments. Many chiropractic patients report allergy relief this way.

4)Sometimes the body will adapt to some allergens simply when one avoids them. This is difficult with air born allergens, but easier with food allergens. In other words if you have an allergy to a particular food, completely avoiding that food for several months may allow you to retry the food. But use caution, starting with re-introduction of the food in very small amounts as a test.

Dr Tom Potisk, an author and speaker on holistic subjects, provides more details about the nervous system, how chiropractors work, and how to find a Doctor of Chiropractic in his book Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages.

An easy method to self-test for spinal misalignment is offered in a free report called How to Check Your Self and Your Family for Spinal Structural misalignments. This report is offered on Dr Potisk’s website

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